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Our famous rock climbing gym is more than a workout opportunity, It is a community, a place to discover your inner strength and share the fun with other like-minded adventure seekers. 5,000 square feet of climbing nirvana in the heart of Manhattan with routes changed weekly keep things fresh and challenging for climbers of all ages and abilities.

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Proud to present MPHC Skyline Youth program!!


MPHC is excited to announce our new youth climbing program. Team Skyline is a fun and exciting way for young climbers of all abilities to go from learning the basics of climbing to becoming conditioned athletes and spirited competitors.  We teach team members to challenge themselves and to think critically and creatively  while collaborating with their peers and coaches.

  •  Team MPHC is for youth climbers  ages 10-17of all skill levels.
  • Meetings twice a week. Wednesdays 4-6pm and Saturdays  10am-12pm. Beginning May 4th and ending June 26th. Possibility of only one day a week available!
  • Free parent roped Belay orientation class

Register by calling 212.563.7001 or ask us about it at the gym!

You can get more information by contacting Lina Siegert at:



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Amid the hectic place of downtown Manhattan there is a place to escape to a calm, peaceful environment, committed to fitness and relaxation. Professional and dedicated staff provide you with programming that can’t be beat, as well as caring and efficient service to help you achieve your goals.


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