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Pilates is a fun and challenging fitness form that caters to everyBody! Joseph Pilates’ method builds strength, increases flexibility and mobility, assists in injury prevention, and aids weight loss. At MPHC, we offer one-on-one training with our certified instructors on the Reformer, Spring Board and Mat.

Are you new to exercise or need to change up your routine? Pilates can accomplish so many varied things that we will be able to personalize a program for your needs.
Are you an athlete? Pilates will help you build core strength and stability for your sports or recreation.
Are you a senior? Pilates will get you moving in a gentle, joint friendly way.
Are you pregnant? Pilates is safe and wonderful prenatal exercise, and is essential for postnatal women when trying to reconnect to their abdominals and pelvic floor.
Are you curious? Email our Pilates Manager Cassie at to schedule your free 30 minute orientation/assessment.

Interested in group Mat Pilates Classes?

Check out our class schedule here