Manhattan Plaza Health Club, 482 West 43rd St., NYC, NY 10036
(646) 590-4411


1. Manhattan Plaza Health Club (Health Club) will issue I.D. cards to all members at the time their membership commences. All members must sign in at the reception desk, show I.D. cards at the beginning of each visit, even if they are recognized by Health Club personnel. Members must be in possession of the card during the course of their visit. Membership I.D. cards are solely and exclusively for the use of the Member and are not transferable, except as set forth in the Membership Contract. If presented by a person other than the Member, the I.D. card will be confiscated and the membership may be terminated. The Health Club assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or confiscated I.D. cards and will require a replacement card and a service charge of $5.00 plus tax for replacement.

Facility Hours:
Mon – Fri 6:00am to 11:00pm
Sat – Sun 8:00am to 9:00pm

Climbing Gym:
Mon – Fri 7:00am to 10:00pm
Sat – Sun 12:00pm to 8:00pm

*Hours of operation are subject to change, without notice, at the discretion of the Health Club. Members are allowed on the premises only during posted hours. Members and their guests must leave to pool area 30 minutes prior to the posted closing time. All other facilities, including the gym, sauna and steam room must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the posted closing time.

3. GUEST PRIVILEGES: Members may bring adult guests as desired (limit 3 guests per visit) at $15.00 plus tax per visit per adult. Each guest must register at the reception desk and sign all required forms. The Health Club is under no obligation to investigate or request med ical documentation regarding a guest’s physical condition. A guest is entitled to use all the facilities, except as may be noted on the guest pass or series card. Guest must also present photo I.D. to reception while on the premises.

The Health Club reserves the right to cancel guest privileges at its discretion, without notice. Guests must assume full responsibility for their own safety while visiting the Health club or using the facilities and must observe the instructions of the Health Club staff. Each guest must be accompanied by a Member at the time of admittance, keep their receipt and Member must remain in the Health Club for the duration of the guest’s visit. The Health Club will not reimburse Member for lost guest passes. NO ONE UNDER EIGHTEEN (18) WILL BE PERMITTED IN CLASSES, STEAMROOM/SAUNA OR ON THE TRAINING FLOOR/CARDIO MEZZANINE. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN (18) IS ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN SERVICES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MASSAGE OR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH GUEST PASS: Members or adult guests may bring up to three (3) youth guests per visit (6-17 years old) for a charge of $10.00 plus tax per youth. Youth guests may use the pool and/or climbing gym only on Mondays and Fridays from 9:00am – 9:30pm; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00am – 6:00pm; and Saturdays and Sunday from 10:00am – 3:30pm, provided that each youth is accompanied and supervised by the Member or adult guest at all times during such visits. Youth guests six (6) years of age and older must use the appropriately gendered locker room. Youth guests under the age of six (6) may enter the health club without charge.

4. USE OF NON-EMPLOYEE TRAINERS: Members may not bring a trainer as a guest into the Health Club to train any member or guest.

5. ATTIRE REQUIRED ON THE TRAINING FLOOR, CARDIO MEZZANINE, CLASSROOMS AND ALL CARPETED AREA: Members and guests are required to wear athletic/fitness shoes, work-out pants/shorts, shirts, tights and leotards as their athletic attire. Bathing suits (except at the pool/sundeck) or street clothing WILL NOT be permitted. A foot covering must be worn on ALL carpeted areas and athletic/fitness/dance shoes must be worn for activity in the Aerobic studio. Socks are permitted in the Quiet Room.

6. POOL USE: Swimmers must shower before using the pool and/or whirlpool. Flip flops may be worn at the pool; otherwise bare feet are required at the pool and sundeck. No street shoes permitted.

7. SERIES CARDS: Members may purchase a Massage or Personal Training series card, which entitles the member this service only during the term of membership. Non-members may purchase Climbing Gym, Massage and Personal Training series cards. Any unused balance for any series card is non-refundable. Series cards do not authorize the holder to use any other portion of the Health Club’s facility on days other than a series visit. Notice of cancellation for a Massage appointment must be given at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, otherwise full payment is required.

8.UNLIMITED CLASSES; USE OF HEALTH CLUB STAFF: Aerobics, dance, yoga, swimming instruction and a variety of other classes are included in membership. In the Health Club’s sole discretion, a fee may be charged for certain classes or workshops. The Health Club reserves the right to limit class size when necessary. No member will be admitted to class five (5) minutes after the class has begun, no exceptions. The Health Club requires that athletic/fitness/dance shoes be worn for all exercise classes with the exception of: Yoga, Stretch, Dance and Stretch and Strengthen classes where socks or bare feet are acceptable.

9. USE OF HEALTH CLUB STAFF: Retaining the services of or compensating any Health Club employee other than through the Health Club is strictly prohibited.

10. RACQUET SPORTS: Tennis and racquetball court time is available by appointment or on a standby basis at the Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club (Racquet Club) on the day of the booking, at rates set by the Racquet Club. Rates are subject to change without notice. Appointments may not be scheduled more than four hours in advance. Private or group lessons are also available through the Racquet Club. Notice of cancellation of court time must be given at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance or payment in full will be required.

11. RETURNED CHECKS: The Health Club is forced to charge a $25.00 reprocessing fee for any returned checks.

12. GENERAL RESPECT: It is the policy of the Health Club that it will not tolerate verbal or physical conduct by any member or guest which harasses, disrupts, or interferes with another’s use or enjoyment of the Health Club or which creates an intimidating, offensive or hostile environment.

13. PURCHASES: All purchases are non-refundable except as specifically otherwise provided in the Contract. All services expire one year from purchase and are non transferable.

14. SUBJECT TO CHANGE: All times, fees, rules and regulations may be changed by the Health Club at its sole discretion at any time, without notice.

15. CLIMBING GYM MEMBERSHIPS: Climbing Gym members are only permitted at the climbing gym, or in the appropriate locker rooms. Climbing Gym memberships do not entitle climbing gym members to use of any other Health Club facilities and services. Climbing Gym members must be able to furnish their MPHC ID at any time during their visit. Climbing Gym guests and day pass purchasers must sign in and present a government-issued ID upon entrance to MPHC.